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The class of 1941 was first to use caps and gowns

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I need your help to compile information on our desceased veterans
.  Visit this page to see list of 
ww2 veterans and this page for vets from other wars showing the information I have on them.
  If you can furnish  additional information on these vets or others please submit this form  or shorter form
Three Barker generation serving in WW2, WW1 and Civil War.   Why don't you submit those from your family . Another Civil war vet grand father of Richard and Eugene Bowers 

Stay current  your files so your classmates, secretary and friends can keep in touch with you.

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For former items moved from this page December 1, 2006
Veterans info now in archives

Memorial Day is approaching.  Flags are being placed at all known veterans graves. 

 If  you know of any veteran's grave that does not have a flag on it let me know so  

that I can advise the proper authority curwebber@aol.com

91 Surveys this year -  240 in 2006 -254 in 2005 and over 300 in 2004


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& Jimmy Dean  at the Fire Hall

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 Class Photos
Photos from 1911 to 2006 now on the site. 
Thanks to Jackie Ebersoles I now have photos for classes 2001 to 2006

(HM) an honorary member. 
Former students that did not graduate from BHS for various reasons, but would like to have their information listed separately, showing class they would have graduated with.  Form is available under Access to all forms below. http://www.alumnibhs.com/forms.htm
It behoves the class secretaries to inform these former classmates when there is a scheduled reunion so you can continue your school years friendship, they yearn to meet with you

HM  classmate entries since August 2005 
Mathew Allen Phillips HM Class 2005
Marcella Gall (Pearrell) HM Class 1955

ACLU says no crosses on Federal Property

Alumni entries last month (14)
Entries for May 2007 (none)
Kelly Ann Roesch Class 2006
Thomas Edward Mercer Class 1976 deceased

Molly Shannon Class 1997
Cinda May Wickham (Mossburg) Class 1984 deceased
Lana Pearl (Crutchley) Class 1986
Darrell Droneburg Class 1980
Steve Galleher Class 2002
Terri Harding (Williams) Class 1989
Rachael Harpel (Smith) Class 1992 birth
Hilda Young (Donovan) Class 1978 birth
Yukie Evans Class 2002
Susan Lyn Cooney (Blair) Class 1980
Regina Moler (Bane) Class 1946
Christine Easton (Blockwood) Class 1990 birth
Anna Marie Pontillo (Cox) Class 1990
Katherine Layne Class 2000
Clarence West Class 1933 deceased
Jennifer Crutchley (Beckner) Class 1988

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