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 1/10/06 Nifty 50's Reunion

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2/4/2006 From Philippines
2/13/2006 Good old days.
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1/10/06  Article for website

1/10/06 Article for website

1/14/06 "Drop your paddles
2/13/06 Reminisce (Songs)

Rhett Webber 2/10/2006
Alumni career military etc

Kate McLane Rymer
2/14/06 Class 96 Reunion

Jackie McIntosh Ebersole3/12/06 Park Heights Cemetery

Jean Greenfield (Baker) 1/10/2006
Class 1950
Nifty 50's Reunion 2006

     The Nifty Fifties are preparing for the Class Reunion sometime in September 2006 at the Eagles Club, Brunswick, MD.  Final details will be published in the future after the meeting to make arrangements. 

Curt Webber 1/10/2006
Class 1941

    I am not sure how it will work but if you include a photo with your article I will try to provide a thumbnail with the article that will hyper link to the enlarged photo.  I find that a photo can not be attached to the form on the website it would have to be emailed as an attachment to me separately. Each article would be limited to one photo.

Fred Brown  1/10/2006
Class_year: 1944

Article for web site:

Great idea, but right now I'm too occupied with a "self-audit" of our Intangibles Tax returns to take the time to give it the thought it deserves. 

Maybe sometime I'll be able to give you something about this tax that, to my knowledge, is unique to Fl.

Keep me posted. Fred

Harold (Slick) Summers 1/10/2006
Class 1952

Article for website

Curt -- If nothing happens between now and Jan 23, I'll be on the road until the 1st part of April.  If my lap top computer gets repaired, I'll take it along and try to get you some sports stories concerning my 4 years of varsity baseball and playing for Brunswick of the Maryland State League from 52 - 56 when I got drafted.  But, then, maybe some stories of my military career might be interesting.  -- I'll work on it.

Take care. Slick

Richard Bowers 1/14,2006
Class year: 1936


     Drop your paddles - the partys' over". And so began a new era at Brunswick High School on that first day of school in September, 1932. Having just completed seven years of elementary education in a three-room school at Point of Rocks and moving to Brunswick that summer, my twin brother and I were not prepared for what was in store for us that morning. We hadn't had the opportunity to make many friends and to learn of our new school traditions. As we approached the high school at the crest of the hill, much to our surprise was a welcoming party to greet us. Armed with paddles, a line of seniors were urging us to submit to the "Initiation" for new students
     Time was of the essence - should we submit or run back for our safety and find another route to get inside that building. AND THEN IT HAPPENED! Someone yelled "here comes the new principal" and all eyes were on a clean-cut, young man descending the steps from the south entrance door.       As he approached the line of seniors with that famous stern expression, he brought the party to an end forever. A sigh of relief followed - from that moment on, Wilbur Devilbiss was a man to make an indelible impression on all of his students (and faculty) thereafter.
     To my memory, there haven't been many like him since.                                                

Curt Webber 1/116/2006
Class 1941

     I recently received obituaries from a 1974 alumni for members of her class and other classes, that are deceased and were not shown on the alumni site.  It would be helpful if others that read this would send a copy of the obituary for deceased alumni  (that normally can be obtained from the archives of newspapers) or date of death known to them that is not on the website.  Class secretaries can use this information and likewise should be able to provide this information to me at curwebber@aol.com .  Our alumni are scattered throughout the world they are interested to know what happens to their former class mates.

Curt Webber 1/22/2006
Class 1941
Recent deceased

Mr. Ray Lucas Sr.  Class 1938
As originally published on Friday, January 20, 2006.

     Ray Ervin Lucas Sr., 86, of Brunswick, Md., died peacefully Wednesday, January 18, 2006, at Frederick Memorial Hospital.
He was born in Stanley, Va., on May 26, 1919, and was the son of the late Lee and Ruth Alger Lucas.

Mrs. Thelma E.Hovermale Devol Class 1929
As originally published on Sunday, January 22, 2006.

     Thelma Elmeda Hovermale DeVol, 94, of Cary, NC died on Sunday, January 15, 2006 at Wakemed Cary hospital. A native of Brunswick, MD, she was born on September 12, 1911 to the late Howard Burman and Victoria Wilson Hovermale. In addition to her parents, her husband, Morris B. DeVol, brother, Howard W. Hovermale
 and sister, Ashby E. Schlulze also preceded her in death.

Curt Webber 1/29/2006
Class 1941
Nick Names

     Thanks to Tim who grew up in Lovettsville and spent a lot of time in Brunswick we have 31 additional Where Did They Get Those Nickname?

Here is what Tim had to say "Hey there. I used to hang out in Brunswick, Md most of my life and I grew up across the river near Lovettsville, VA many, many years ago"

Curt Webber 2/4/2006
Class 1941
Recent deceased

Mr. Charles McLane III Class 1996
As originally published on Saturday, February 4, 2006.

Mr. Charles David "Charlie" McLane III, 27, of Waynesboro, Pa., formerly of Brunswick died on Friday, February 3, 2006 at Waynesboro Memorial Hospital. He was the fiance of Heather Jacobson of Waynesboro.

Curt Webber 2/4/2006
Class 1941
Alumni in

Hi Curt;

Mailed you a letter today from here in the Philippines.  I'm a 1960 graduate of BHS and grew up in Knoxville, Maryland, about three miles west of  Brunswick.

I tried to connect with www.bhsalumni.com, but only a school in California comes up, not Brunswick High School.
Let me know if there's another web site for BHS data? ( I let her know the connection for our BHS www.alumnibhs.com

Rhett O. Webber

Rhett O Webber 2/10/2006
Class_year: 1960

     I was born and raised in Knoxville, Maryland, along with my brother Tony and our parents were John and Mary Webber.  Graduated from Brunswick High School in 1960.  Joined the United States Air Force immediately out of high school and served just over thirty (30) years active duty, retiring as a
Chief Master Sergeant.  In 1965 volunteered for Vietnam and in 1966 was assigned to Phan Rang AB RVN, thereby qualifying for the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Served three separate tours in Korea. 
     Using DOD and GI Bill educational benefits, completed three degree’s; CCAF Associates Degree-Air Traffic Control;, Okaloosa-Walton Junior College Associates of Arts-Education and Troy State University Bachelor of Arts-Education  and twenty six (26) graduate hours-Psychology with the University of Northern Colorado.

     Retired at Kunsan AB, ROK, in 1990, and relocated to Angeles City, Philippines and in 1991 relocated again, due to the eruption of the volcano Mt. Pinatubo, moving to Poro Point, Bauang, La Union.  Joined Col. BJ Smith-Post 9892, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. in 1991 and became its second Post Commander, since the inception of the Post and managed the Post Home/Canteen until 1994.

     Retuned to work in 1994, in the civilian arena and worked as a Senior Instructor for the Saudi Arabian Air Traffic Control Academy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  Relocated to the U.S. as a Systems Administrator for the 21st Special Tactics Squadron ATC Simulator at Pope AFB, North Carolina in 1995; then was promoted as a Senior Functional Analyst for the Command & Control Warrior School (C2WS) at Hurlburt AB, Florida in 1997.  Went back overseas as an Operations Supervisor and Quality Control Manager for the KTRAC Weapons and Bombing Ranges in the Republic of Korea in 1999.  Currently retired again in 2003 and now reside in Carmenville Subdivision, Angeles City, Philippines, near the old Clark Air Force Base.

     Proudly served as Post 9892 All State Commander, Adjutant, Quartermaster, Trustee I, II & III; All American District Commander and as an All American Department Adjutant, Chaplain (two years) and Assistant Adjutant and Americanism-Loyalty Day Chairman.  Twice appointed National Aide-de-Camp and currently serving as the Department of Pacific Areas Junior Vice Commander.  Email address at: rhett_webber@yahoo.com, or dpajvc@digitelone.com.
More Medal and awards

Richard Bowers
Class_year: 1936

With the 70th Anniversary of the Class of 1936 approaching thought it might be worthwhile to reminisce about events during the gloomy 1930's. The nation was in a deep economic depression and particularly affecting a railroad town. You would think it was enough to dampen the spirits of even the kids in school. However there were exceptions, one of them being a songfest held at noon hour in Classroom 10B. That happened to be my home room during my Junior year and was one of my most memorable and enjoyable school activities. Back then we were able to buy song books at the local five and dime store with the words of the most popular songs of the day. Having been introduced to singing in the music classes of Ruth Coblentz Swank in the 8th and 9th grades we were determined to carry on our group singing. So every lunch hour with permission of Miss Howard, our home room teacher, we would sing our hearts out to our favorite songs - what a blast!

 Things are a little bit different today with the advent of  iPods and CD's to satisfy our musical needs. I find it ironic that as I type these words I'm listening to those songs we sang back then on my computer CD. Music helped carry us through those difficult times. What will it be like seventy years from now at least some of those old songs will still be around.

Curt Webber 2/13/2006
Class 1941
Good old days.

     The Class of 1941 will be observing its 65th anniversary this year and as with Richard Bowers I have been reflecting back to the early 40’s period in my life. Times were tough back then.  I worked at Swank Hardware store on Saturday’s for .25 cents a hour for half a day. This was good for a single young person as there were married men with children not making that much, if they had work at all.  I was fortunate in getting a job as a Messenger in Washington, DC and started to work the day after I graduated for $3.65 a day.  Now that was moving along. Many refer to this time in life as the good old days.  Reflecting back these were some very tough times, but because of our youth we thought things were great.

      I bought my first car in January 1947, which was a new 1946 Super Deluxe Ford for $1750.00.  I had signed up to purchase the car in June 1946.  These were the first cars built after World War 2 and it was premium to be able to obtain one.  When I was notified by the dealer in Frederick in December 1946 that the car had arrived, I was in Newton D Baker Veteran’s hospital in Martinsburg.  I did not have a penny in the bank nor a check coming in from my work as I had been off work sick for over two weeks. I borrowed $500.00.from my brother-in-law for the down payment and $38.00 from a cousin to pay for the title and tags. Now the rest of the story, I did not know how to drive and had no drivers licenses.  I put a crease in the left front fender backing out of the garage.  Sold the car to a dealer in Washington, DC for $1950.00 in June 1947 to get married and buy some furniture

Kate McLane Rymer 2/14/2006
Class 1996

This is Katie McLane Rymer. I am class president of 1996.  We are planning a reunion for the weekend of July 22.  More details will be posted as plans specify.
Yet, we want everyone to hold this weekend and to give us any suggestions.
You can contact Katie at k1mac247@aol.com

Donald Rohrback Class 1941

On February 11, 2006, Donald J. Rohrback, of Forest Hill, died at his home. He was 83.

Mr. Rohrback was born in Knoxville, Md., on September 11, 1922. He was the son of the late Jesse P. and Daisy Rohrback (nee Cooper).

He was a graduate of Brunswick High School and a US Navy Air Corp veteran of World War II.

Curt Webber 2/15/2006
Class 1941

Your help needed

     I am trying to maintain a current list of all living veterans from WW2 (The Greatest Generation) as Tom Brokraw referred to them.  I have a list on the site of all known who served from the Brunswick area during WW2.  To see the list click on the link Still living from Greatest Generation found about the middle of the first page on the alumni site on the right side.  Those that have been reported to me as deceased are highlighted with an (*) following their name.  Please email me at curwebber@aol.com the names of those you no to be deceased and not so identified on the list.

Curt Webber 3/1/2006
Class 1941

Prayers for Stuffy

Irishemerald12 [1:29 A.M.]:  Genie Bowers telephoned my dad Stuffy Rooney to ask him some questions about the Hahn brothers the other day.
Irishemerald12 [1:31 A.M.]:  The reason why I am instant messaging you is if you happen to talk to Genie Bowers tell him that my Dad is at Washington Hospital Center having stints placed in his heart tomorrow. 2 out of his six bypasses has closed up. And he is not in good health at this time. We are hoping for the best.
Irishemerald12 [1:32 A.M.]:  Your fellow alumnus of BHS
Irishemerald12 [1:32 A.M.]:  Rhonda Rooney

Curt Webber 3/2/2006
Class 1941

Good response

     I have received good response from Richard Bowers, Gene Bowers and Jean Baker identifying deceased veterans of WW2.  Just today I received in the mail from Gene Bowers the names of 191 names of known WW2 veterans that are deceased. So far we have identified 387 deceased of the total 780 veterans we have on the list, and there are many more that we still need to identify.   Gene stated in his letter I contacted "Red" Phillips, Ed & Margaret Spurrier, Stuffy Rooney, Lawrence Heffner, Wendell Stewart, Pauline Gosnell and Doris Toms and with their help I was able to verify the 191 deceased, that he had on his list.  Gene went on to say It really gave me an opportunity to get reacquainted with a lot of people.  I might add that it was Gene and myself along with a lot of others Gene contacted such as listed above, that compiled the list of WW2 veterans from the Brunswick area. a couple years ago. If you check the list on the memorial plaque on "A" Street it does not list but a small portions of those from the Brunswick area that served during WW2.The list we have compiled can be seen at  Still living from Greatest Generation

Curt Webber 3/11/2006
Class 1941

Stuffy's progress

Mr. Webber,

My dad is recuperating and doing fine so far. He had to have stints in two (2) of his arteries of his heart. He is experiencing some weakness and dizziness.  We believe that the dizziness may be the result from either not being fully recovered from the stint procedure, or the new medication called plavix that helps keep plaque from forming in the artery.

He had two (2) stints inserted in two (2) of his old bypasses. Years ago, he had six (6) bypasses and they found from the heart decatherization this time that two of them needed stints. The one (1) artery the doctor said: "could have burst at any moment." That one required a different kind of stint. The type of plaque that was in that artery was causing the artery to balloon outwards and was ready to burst at any moment, which would have resulted in instant death.  And the other blockage was right at the graft. The Lord was on his side.

Now, if we can talk him into getting the arteries in his legs done when he is fully recovered. It might enable him to walk better, further and not cramp up when he walks or stands for a long period time.  So it will enable him to get out and enjoy life a little better. My mother has been doing everything in and around the house for sometime due to his poor health.  So, I am hoping and praying that this procedure he just had may help him get out and about a little more.

Daddy also fractured his tibia and ankle bone of his leg on Nov. 3, 2005 from a fall. And due to him being diabetic it took longer to heal, that's why his cast and the orthopedic boot had to stay on longer than usual. He had only been out of the orthopedic boot no more than 3-4 days and was scheduled for a stress test in Frederick, where it showed that the lower part of his heart was in trouble. That's when his cardiologist sent him to The Washington Heart Center for a heart decatherization last week.  And you know the rest.

Thank you so much for your concern for my father and for the email. I will tell my father that you asked about him. You take care and God Bless you Mr. Webber.

Your Friend and Alumnus,
Rhonda Rooney
Class of 1974

Curt Webber 3/11/2006
Class 1941

Recent deceased

Mr. Leonard Lucas Class 1936
As originally published on Saturday, March 11, 2006.

     Leonard Sylvester Lucas, 88, of Brunswick, Md., died Thursday, March 9, 2006, at Frederick Memorial Hospital, Frederick, Md. Born August 31, 1917 in Custer County, Okla., he was a son of the late Lee Lucas and Ruth Alger Lucas.

Jackie McIntosh Hill Ebersole 3/12/06
Class_year: 1954
Hi Curt,

I have not been on the site for some time.  Got a call from Dory Anderson asking for address so I went to my favorites and gave it to her.  I then clicked it on and thank you so much for the service you are doing.

I can see the work done on the veterans list.  It is most interesting to research something like this.  I also call on Margaret Spurrier when I have a question about relatives to people buried in Park Heights Cemetery.  She has helped me track them down to get their input as to who now owns the available spaces on the family plots.  We (Park Heights Operations Committee), Floyd Goetz, Jim Cox and myself do not want to be allowing burials on spaces without some type of identification of ownership through the family. 

If any of the readers have relatives buried there they may want to call any of the 3 of us and see if you have spaces available Jim Cox  834-8802, Floyd Goetz 834-9578 or Jackie Ebersole 834-7444  We will be glad to share the information we are gathering.

I would also like to tell you that my brother-in-law Harry Leroy Hill is deceased.  I smiled when I saw his name not highlighted.  No one knew him as Harry.  He was always Cotton to everyone so I guess that is why his name was overlooked.

Keep up the good work.

Jackie Hill Ebersole  class of 54

Curt Webber 3/12/2006
Class 1941

Recent deceased

Mrs. Virginia Chew (Cramer) Class 1932

As originally published on Monday, March 13, 2006.

Virginia Lee Cramer, 91, of Knoxville, Md., died Saturday, March 11, 2006, at her residence.
She was born Nov. 14, 1914, in Frederick County, and was the daughter of the late Joseph E. Chew and Daisy Schroyer Longbrak

Joseph A. Keefer Jr., 47 Class 1976

JULY 9, 1958-MARCH 10, 2006

     KEEDYSVILLE - Joseph Alvin Keefer Jr., 47, of 3528 Chestnut Grove Road, died Friday, March 10, 2006, at Washington County Hospital.
     Born July 9, 1958, in Charles Town, W.Va., he was the son of the late Joseph Alvin Keefer Sr. and Rose Marie Greenwalt Keefer.

Curt Webber 3/15/2006
Class 1941
Recent deceased

Owen B Pearrell Class 1948

KNOXVILLE, Md. - Owen Baker Pearrell, 75, of Knoxville, died Monday, March 13, 2006, in Frederick, Md.
     Born Dec. 29, 1930, in Brunswick, Md., he was the son of the late James Russell and Edith Wisner Pearrell.  He was preceded in death by his wife, Marie Sigler Pearrell

Curt Webber 3/25/2006
Class 1941
Recent deceased

Mrs. Alice Axline  (McDade)  Class 1933
As originally published on Saturday, March 25, 2006.

     Mrs. Alice Margaret McDade, 89, formerly of Naples, Florida, died Friday, March 24 at the Copper Ridge Nursing Home, Sykesville. She was the wife of Thomas Lemuel McDade, who died March 16, 1993.
     Born October 15, 1916 in Petersville, she was a daughter of the late Harry D. and Alma Jane Henderson Axline.

Curt Webber 3/28/2006
Class 1941
Recent deceased

Kenneth W. Baker, 44  Class 1979

JUNE 9, 1961-MARCH 24, 2006

     PAEONIAN SPRINGS, W.Va. - Kenneth Wayne Baker, 44, of Paeonian Springs, died  Friday, March 24, 2006, at his home.
     Born June 9, 1961, in Ranson, W.Va., he was the son of William Howard Baker of Ranson and Joyce Bechtol Baker Myers of Brunswick, Md.

Curt Webber 4/2/2006
Class 1941
Deceased classmates

     I have on several occasions had classmate furnish the names of members of their class that are deceased and the information is not shown on the alumni site.  I believe others should do likewise so the status of all our alumni is known to visitors. Many visit the site to find out what ever happened to ???????

Curt Webber  4/25/2006
Class 1941
Recent reported deceased


William L Cornelius Sr. Class 1960
Glen Burnie paper

"William l. Cornelius, sr. 73, of Linthicum Hgts., Md. Died of cancer on October 1, 2005, at his home.  He was born august 9, 1932, in Brunswick, Md., and also lived in Glen Burnie for many years before retiring in 1989 and moving to Ft. Myers, Florida.  He and his wife Ginny moved to Linthicum Hgts. In 2001 to be near their family.  They were married for 51 years. 

Ms. Nina Moss (Lawson) Class 1961
As originally published on Saturday, April 22, 2006.

     Nina Lee Lawson, of Braddock Heights, died on Friday, April 21, 2006, at Frederick Memorial Hospital.
     Mrs. Lawson was born on June 25, 1942, in Brunswick. She was a daughter of the late Paul M. Moss and Margaret "Pansy" Dunn Moss.

Charles Lindbergh Hawes Class 1944

Charles Hawes passed away in Florida.  on 4/25/2006 Reported by his grand daughter
Curt Webber 5/1/2006 Class 1941 Recent deceased

Mrs. Catherine Bohrer (Harrington) Class 1941
As originally published on Monday, May 1, 2006.

Catherine Bohrer Harrington, 82, of Jefferson, died Saturday, April 29, 2006 at Vindobona Nursing Home.        
     She was born on May 5, 1923 in Brunswick and was the daughter of the late Ira Irvin and Edna Cannon Bohrer.
She was the wife of B. Richard Harrington of Jefferson

Leroy Dixon  Class 1941

Just learned from Leroy's nephew that he is deceased.  Was not given any particulars.

Curt Webber 5/11/2006
Class 1941
Bill Johnston 60th wedding anniversary

Submitted by Cheryl (Johnston) Mitchell (daughter)

William (Bill) Johnston class of 1943 and his wife, Shirley (nee Bell) will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on May 15, 2006

Curt Webber 5/13/2006
Class 1941
Recent deceased

Leroy (Bud) Logue Class 1946

     Leroy E. "Bud" Logue, 77, of 17399 Oak Ridge Drive in Hagerstown, Md., surrounded by family, friends and Pastor, went home to be with his Lord on Thursday, May 11, 2006.
     Born Friday, May 10, 1929, in Brunswick, Md., he was the son of the late Roy Turner Logue and Pearl McQuay Logue.

Curt Webber 5/18/2006
Class 1941
Recent deceased


Mrs. JoeAnn Rickerds (Higdon) Class 1952
As originally published on Wednesday, May 17, 2006.

JoeAnn Higdon, 71, of Knoxville, died on Tuesday, May 16 at her residence. Born on     
     October 24, 1934 in Knoxville, Mrs. Higdon was a daughter of the late George D. Rickerds and Leoda Coblentz Rickerds.
She was a retired switchboard operator with the Washington County School Board. She was a member of the Brownsville Church of the Brethren.

Curt Webber 5/29/2008
Class 1941
Recent deceased

Mrs. Mildred Nalley (Walker) Class of 1944
As originally published on Thursday, May 25, 2006.

Mildred Blanche Walker, 79, of 15 East H. Street, Brunswick, died Wednesday, May 24, 2006, at Frederick Memorial Hospital in Frederick.
      She was born April 15, 1927, in Brunswick, daughter of the late James W. Rooney Sr. and Milley M. Nalley.

Curt Webber 6/7/2006
Class 1941
Recent deceased


Mrs. Mary Virginia Morsberger (Cooper) Class 1930
As originally published on Thursday, June 8, 2006.

     Mary Virginia Morsberger Cooper, age 93, of Brunswick, died Wednesday, June 7, 2006 at Washington County Hospital in Hagerstown.
     Born on January 18, 1913 in Brunswick, she was a daughter of the late John Henry Morsberger and Golda Arnette Morsberger.

N Diane Kelbaugh (Kern) Class 1972

Norma Diane Kellbaugh (Kern) age 72, died 6/3/2004

Curt Webber 6/9/2006
Class 1941
Recent deceased

Rev. Preston Lucas Class of 1934
As originally published on Friday, June 9, 2006.

Rev. Preston E. Lucas, 91, of 1136 Central Ave., Columbia, Pa., died Wednesday morning in the Lancaster General Hospital after a brief illness.

He was the husband of Emma Barton Haverstick Gerfin Lucas for 18 years and the late Anna Marie Faretty Lucas, his wife of 49 years who preceded him in death in 1988.

Born near Stanley, Virginia, he was the son of the late Lee and Ruth Alger Lucas.

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