Norton Rudolph (Rudy) Ault

Entered Service:  Enlisted in U. S. Army July 6, 1940 at Frederick, Maryland and served as Military Police 3years 1 month and 17 days

Where Served:  United States

Discharged: September 2, 1943 at Ft. Oglethorpe, GA

Rank: Private

Award: Rifleman and Military Policeman
Other information.  Serial No: 20340857 was in Military Police Detachment, Section 1, SC-4th Service Cmd., Ft. Oglethorpe, GA at time of discharge.  Enlisted in Co. A. 115th Inf. prior to World War II.  One of last duties was to guard Italian POW's   The Military Police Corp was officially formed on September 26, 1941.  That would make him one of the first M.P.'s.

Buried Unknown