Black Cemetery South Mountain Road, Knoxville, MD
Veterans from various wars burial records 

        Name   Birth Death  
Cemetery Sec Lot Veteran Last First Middle Age Date Date Remarks
smr     ww1 Butler John 8/29/1894 6/19/1931    
smr     ww2 Brooks Walter S 66 3/2/1914 3/24/1980 Army PFC
smr     ww2 Cooper William Brisco 64 3/21/1924 6/14/1978 Marines PFC
smr     ww2 Cooper Raymond 22 6/21/1925 6/19/1948 Army 467 QM Truck Co
smr     ww2 Gilbert Richard 52 5/15/1918 4/19/1971 Army 398 QM Truck Co
smr     ww2 Lipscomb Julius K 56 11/24/1914 2/14/1971 Army 237 QM Salv Coll Co
smr     ww1 Palmer Douglas F 57 12/27/1896 1/1/1954 Veterinary Hosp 19

On the side of the road that goes up to the Appalacian Trail. The cemetery is located on Parcel 7 (McDonald property) It is on the piece of her property that folds around 2 houses facing the road.  You go up to it between these 2 houses.