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    Veterans and grateful citizens of Brunswick, Maryland, are in the process of designing and will install a monument to pay respect to all veterans who have served their country.  We need your help to honor and thank them.
    The monument is to be located in the current World War I and World War II memorial on “A” Street in Brunswick. It will include a tribute to veterans of all wars.
       We will dedicate the monument on Veterans Day 2008.  Each year Brunswick has a grand Veterans Day parade with over 100 floats, marching bands, and military units.  This parade is covered by local media, and they may cover the dedication of the monument you help construct.  
        It is our hope that you will help us honor the many sacrifices of the men and women who have served this great county by contributing to this lasting memorial.  Please share this brochure with your patriot organization, your church, or anyone else that may be interested in helping us.

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Brunswick Veterans

VFW Post 10421
Veterans Monument
317 Brunswick Street
Brunswick, MD 21716







Dedicated to all those who served in the armed forces of America

VFW Post 10421
317 Brunswick Street
Brunswick, MD 21716




The Monument

This monument will include the five seals of our armed forces (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard) on a granite-faced, maintenance-free structure.  The wording on the monument will thank Veterans for their honor, courage, and commitment to duty. 


Dedicated to all those who

served in the armed forces

of America

Potenial memorial writing

The monument will be in the "A" Street memorial park.  Presently, the park has a World War II Stuart tank, an American Flag, and a metal book, which contains the names of persons who served in the World Wars.  The proposed monument will honor all Veterans past, present, and future. 

How YOU can help:

No donation is too small
to help complete this
worthwhile project.

Donors who give $150 or more will be acknowledged in the Brunswick newspaper and will receive a picture of the monument in appreciation for their donation.  If you wish not to have your name published, we will respect your wish.  Amounts will not be published.

A form has been provided with this brochure to accompany your donation.  You can send your donation, marked for the monument, to the
following address:

VFW Post 10421
Veterans Monument
317 Brunswick Street
Brunswick, MD 21716

More about Memorial Park

Civil War
Persian Gulf Desert Storm
Global War on Terrism

I know there are more that have served that are not shown on these list.  I would appreciate it if you would let me know who they are so they can be included.  Email me  using this form 

Donation Form


I want to honor Brunswick’s
veterans by donating to the
Brunswick Veterans Monument.


I am donating the following:


             ______             $150


             ______             $50


             ______            $25


             ______   Other: $________


Make checks payable to VFW Post 10421.
Please note that  it  is for the Veterans Monument.



Name: _______________________


Address: _____________________



City: _________________________


State: _____  Zip code: _________


Phone: _______________________


E-mail: _______________________

Please let me know how the
project progresses.


______  YES     ______  NO

Clip and enclose with your donation
Thank You