Ask a Veteran

Hello Veterans and Friends of Veterans.
   Memorial Day is rapidly approaching and it would be good for your souls
and hearts to slowly read the following message.  In fact, after you've
scanned it, go back and read it to yourself, slowly, out loud, and absorb
the meaning of each phrase.
   Thank a Veteran for the Freedoms you enjoy today.
       Bob Steed

Remember Memorial Day

"In World War II" he whispered,
"I was wounded by a blast."
As he began his story,
Reminiscing of his past.

"I was just a boy back then,
I lied about my age.
To get into the army
And fight for the USA

I love this country very much,
It's still the very best.
And I would fight, to keep it free,
And, safe from foreign pest.

We won that war, and I came home,
My wounds had healed enough,
To re-enlist, with other men.
The army made us tough.

Then a little flare up,
In Korea called us out.
A threat  against our freedom,
Spreading fear without a doubt.

There I caught a bullet,
When I tried to save a friend.
Another wound, for Uncle Sam,
They sent me home to mend."

"Soldier, have you had enough?"
My sergeant  said to me.
"Or, do you want another tour,
If ever there's to be.

We would train and fight again,
If ever it need be,
Because we loved America,
We'll fight to keep it free."

"It didn't take too long.
Before my boys were off again.
We were shipped off to a war,
We thought would never end.

I didn't understand it much,
If it was wrong or right.
But I was a US soldier,
And my country said "Go Fight"

I never questioned orders,
That were sent from up above.
I did it for America,
The country, that I love.

I fought to keep my country safe,
Again, in Vietnam.
Then, wounded I came home again,
A victim of napalm.

My fighting days were over now,
And, I had given all.
But, some had given more than me,
Their names are on a wall.

I am now, well up in years,
A soldier old and worn.
I could only sit and pray,
As, I watched Desert Storm.

So proud of our boys over there,
Who stand for what is right.
Freedom is the battle cry,
The reason why they fight.

Young soldiers fight for liberty,
Protecting freedom's bliss.
Old soldiers dream old bygone days,
While fighting loneliness.

We were heroes in our day,"
He said, and then he sighed.
"Forgotten in some V. A, home,
And all my friends, have died.

I never ask for anything,
Just wanted to live free.
But, if you write this story,
There are many just like me.

Who fought to keep our country,
Safe and free from  every  foe.
Only to come home again,
And have no place to go.

Sadly, when the limelight fails,
Heroes fade away.
Some men fight the silent battles,
Till their dying day.

Please remember what it took,
And what we have to pay
And join  with us remembering
On this Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is Special,
It is not just summer's start.
The reason that we have this day,
Should be etched on your heart.

Lives were lost, and young men died,
To keep this country free.
So take a moment on that day,
To meditate with me.

Remember all those valiant men,
And women who fought for,
The lifestyle that you now enjoy,
Because they went to war.

Author Unknown