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Veterans and casualties of WWI WWII Korean Viet Nam and other wars

I am attempting to put together a list of the men and women that served in the armed forces during the First World War  and subsequent wars from the Brunswick High School district.  This list will contain all the veterans that served,

So that no one is left behind
Please e-mail the names of those that you are aware of,  who served and not listed on these list, stating the period they served in the Armed Forces.

The links below are pages that have been started for numerous wars.  I do not presently have a page for the Gulf War Desert Storm (Persian Gulf) and others, but will make one if names are submitted.

                 World War I   -  World War II  -  Korean War  - Vietnam  - Kosovo  -  Persian Gulf
Be patient while World War II is loading.  This is a large file and takes a while to load.

I believe that there was over seven hundred and fifty in the service during World War II.

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