Alumni Military Veterans

Please send me the name of the unit you served in while in the service, so that I may try to get a photo of your shoulder patch to include in the write up for Alumni men in Military. Shown below are some patches, medals and ribbons, that I have been able to put on the pages of Alumni men in Military.

Placement of Insignia on the Army Service Uniform
France Normandy Service Medal

 101st Airborne Divn

 17th Airborne Divn 

 40th Infantry Divn

69th Infantry Divn 

7th Armored Divn

8th Armored Divn

 80th Infantry Divn

29th Infantry Divn

7th Infantry

Navy Seabees

3rd Army

10th Army

31st Infantry Div

3rd Marine Div

Marine Corp

Badges and awards

Combat Infantry Badge

Pistol Marksman

Rifle Expert



Silver Star

Bronze Star

Purple Heart

Meritorious Service

Air Medal

National Defense Service

Army Commendation

Service Medals and Ribbons

Asiatic Pacific Campaign

European Africa Middle East Campaign 

American Defense  Philippine Liberation

Korea Service

Vietnam Service


Good Conduct

WWII Victory

France Normandy Service

Women's Army Corp

Who Qualifies?

Star shown below are sometimes referred to as campaign stars or battle stars.


Bronze Star

Silver Star

The bronze star reprents participation in campaigns or operations, multiple qualifications, or an additional award to any of the various ribbons on which it is authorized. The silver star is worn in the same manner as the bronze star, but each silver star is worn in lieu of five bronze service stars.

Silver/Bronze Star

Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster

When worn together on a single ribbon, the silver star(s) will be worn to the wearer's right of any bronze star(s). The bronze oak leaf cluster represents second and subsequent entitlements of awards.

Silver Oak Leaf Cluster

Silver/Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster

The silver oak leaf cluster represents sixth, 11th, etc. entitlement or in lieu of five bronze oak leaf clusters. Silver oak leaf cluster are worn to the wearer's right of the bronze oak leaf clusters on the same ribbon

The Valor Device

Valor Devices and Clusters

The "V" device represents valor and does not denote an addional award. Only one can be worn on any ribbon. The "V" device, when worn on the same ribbon with clusters, is worn to the wearer's right of such clusters.


Good Conduct Medal Clasp

The BRONZE ARROWHEAD is worn on service and suspension ribbons of campaign or service awards and indicates participation in an initial assault landing. Only ONE may be worn on any single ribbon.

The GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL CLASP is worn on the ribbons of the Good Conduct Medals of the Army and Air Force to indicate subsequent awards. The number of knots and color indicate the number of awards:
Bronze with 1 knot = 1st, with 2 knots = 5th
Silver with 1 knot = 6th, with 2 knots =10th
Gold with 1 knot =11th, with 2 knots =15th