Class of 1997
Brunswick High School
Melissa Mayne

Nick Name
Nyxa Ziska




126 Guerrero C3 Chapala CP

Jalisco, Mexico 45900


E-Mail Address 

Martial status




Great Grandchildren

Where Lived While Attending High School

Brunswick, MD - Walking distance from BHS


Brunswick High School - Studied engineering @ la Universidad de Guadalajara in Jalisco MX
Studied mathematics @ University of Louisiana, Lafayette LA
Studied linguistics @ University of Washington, Seattle.

If you were in the service - Branch - Period of service - Where served etc.


Briefly What Happened Since Leaving School
 I've moved around quite a bit, (Mexico-Guatemala-Brazil-Japan-Seattle-New Orleans-and now back to Maryland, ironic ne?) and been to nearly as many schools, can't seem to decide on anything in particular ;P  I've lately given in to the creative urges, writing a bit, painting a bit, composing a bit of music and living the whole coffee-shop carefree artist lifestyle with a dab of Buddhism and Feng Shui, no doubt the effect of living in a primarily asian household for many years.  To pay the bills I work for an international career transition firm, which keeps me on my toes, and makes me wish I'd studied business in some shape or form while in school, particularly when I have to give seminars or workshops.