Class of 1992
Brunswick High School
Kevin Allgaier
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765 East 1200 North

Pleasant Grove, UT 84062


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515 West C St


Brunswick High School

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Briefly What Happened Since Leaving School

Lived in London, England for two years as a missionary for the LDS church ( Upon my return, I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease stage 2A (cancer in the lymph nodes), and spent 9 months in intensive chemotherapy.

In June 1996, I married my wife, Lauren. In January 1997, we moved to Provo, Utah to attend scool. I obtained my BS degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Networking, and am currently working as Information Technology Director for US Synthetic Corp. (a $70 Million synthetic diamond manufacturer) in Orem, Utah.

We have 3 children (Elennah May, Thomas Rhys and Jacob Earl), two cars and a house in the hills (with a nice mortgage). What more could a man want?!