Class of 1987
Brunswick High School
Mary Barry

Maiden/Nick Name
Clizbe/ Muffy




4910 Edgeware Terrace

Frederick, MD 21703


E-Mail Address

Martial status




Great Grandchildren

Where Lived While Attending High School

Brunswick, MD


Brunswick High School - FCC American Institute of Banking

If you were in the service - Branch - Period of service - Where served etc.


Briefly What Happened Since Leaving School

Most Spirited Senior Femal for Class of 1987 and proud of it.

Work for a "new" local bank with a familiar feel and reputation.  Work very hard as a bank manager and enjoy time with my family and friends.  I have become quite sucessful in banking, who'd of known with math being my worst subject.  I have re-connected with some friends from school that I lost touch with over the know who you are.  I enjoy shopping, decorating my home and helping my friends with ideas to decorate theirs.  I ice-skate, and still love to dheer my favorite team on in sports.  Hope to get some email from some classmates.  Stay in touch would love to hear from you.