Class of 1982
Brunswick High School
Melanie Vencion
Maiden Name




712 19th St Apt #4

Cleveland, TN


E-Mail Address 

Martial status

Engaged to Tim Colvard



Great Grandchildren

Where Lived While Attending High School

816 A St, Brunswick, MD


Brunswick High School - Working on completing a counseling degree

If you were in the service - Branch - Period of service - Where served etc.


Briefly What Happened Since Leaving School

Spent a year in the Phillippines doing Mission work, also short time in Guatmala and Belize.  Divorced after 10 years of marriage. Going back to school .  Engaged but taking it real slow.  He is a sweetheart though and I cann't think of anyone nicer.  Recent employment has been Provident Insurance Company