Class of 1975
Brunswick High School
Raymond S Rife III

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308 9th Avenue

Brunswick, MD 21716


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Wanda d: 4/21/09



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Brunswick High School

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Briefly What Happened Since Leaving School

While advancing and eventually becoming CEO of Tupperware I also became proficient at Hemp farming. I don't recall to much after graduation but some how I got married around 81 or 82? and have 2 sons 15 and 19. They both have the same mother, and so far (21 years?) she still has me as her husband. I got bored with the Tupperware gig and was forced to give up the hemp farming when I became a Locomotive Engineer for Amtrak. I have been imprisoned by this company as an Engineer for 20 years and it sucks. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I am looking for Mike O'Hara or Kathy Bagent just to say hi.