Class of 1963
Brunswick High School
Linda Heffner





2503C Coach House Way

Frederick, MD 21702


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13 West C Street



Brunswick High School


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I worked for the U.S. Department for 38 years before retiring to accept a position with the Grand Aerie of the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Columbus, Ohio.  I am a member of Brunswick Eagles No. 1136, joining in 1967.  During the ensuing years, I served as Madam President of the local Auxiliary in 1972 and 1975.  In 1979-80 I served the State Auxiliary as Madam President, and in 1981-82, I served the Mid-Atlantic Region and the Regional Madam President.  In 1990, I was privileged to serve my first year as a Grand Auxiliary Officer.  I continued to serve and in 1999-2000, I served as the International Grand Auxiliary President of the Fraternal Order of Eagles.  During my tenure as the International President, the organization raised $1.2 million for the Prevention of Child Abuse, which was my National humanitarian project.  In addition I have had the opportunity to serve as the National Chairman of the Robert W. Hansen Diabetes Fund.


I now work for the Grand Aerie as the Grand Auxiliary Office Coordinator and Assistant to the Grand Madam President.