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Class of 1941
Brunswick High School
Curtis Webber

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11198 Lincolnshire Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45240
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Faye Bower Dec 3/7/2000
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Wenner's Hill
University of Ohio - Miami University
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     Volunteered for the Army in November 1942 and entered service March 1943. After eleven weeks basic training at Little Rock, Ark was sent over seas to the Pacific June 1943. Served with numerous units at numerous locations in the South Pacific in the Medical Corp. My last unit was the 775th Sanitary Company with the 10th Army.
     Was at Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii when WWII ended. Returned home on a 45 day leave September 1945, after having served 27 months overseas. Was discharged following the leave in December 1945. Total time served 33 months.

Briefly What Happened Since Leaving School

     Started working for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in Washington, D.C. just after graduation. Entered Army in 1943, after discharge returned to work at Brunswick in 1946. I spent my entire career with the railroad, working first clerical and later official positions in Washington, Brunswick, Hagerstown, Baltimore, Bradford, PA, Portsmouth, OH, Middletown, OH and Cincinnati, OH. I worked out of Baltimore and Cincinnati several times. I retired in 1985, from the CSX in Cincinnati, Oh, after more than 44 years. My last position was Superintendent Division Administration. I continue to live in Cincinnati.

     My wife is from Hagerstown, Md. We were married in 1947 and have two daughters (Deborah-Fayetta) born in 1950, 1958 and three sons (Stanley - Curtis Jr - Clifton) born in 1948, 1960 and 1963. Our oldest daughter lives in Jacksonville, Fl and the others live in or near Cincinnati.
I did not begin college until 1961, twenty years after leaving high school. This was an experience, attending college in the evenings with such young students..
     After retirement I spend my time bowling, golfing and some fishing for sports, working in genealogy, researching my family tree, woodworking and a lot of time on the computer.